Top Ten infoChachkie Entries Of 2012 - The Year Of Syndication


Greetings loyal readers. 2011 was the year of the video interview, in which I spoke with the likes of Guy Kawasaki, Len Short, Brad Feld, Naval Ravikant and Steve Blank. In 2012,I added video from my UC Santa Barbara speakers, including Mark Templeon, CEO of Citrix; Kerri Pollard, President of Commission Junction; and Marten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus.

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I also expanded the syndication of my articles to mainstream sites, such as TechCrunch, Inc. and Forbes. Exposure on these sites more than doubled my readership from 2011.

In many cases, I published longer versions of the sydicated articles, with less salacious titles, here on infoChachkie a few weeks after they appeared elsewhere. Unfortuately, link-bait titles generate a disproporionate number of views on mainstream sites in which readers decide which articles to explore based solely on their titles.

Below is a list of the syndicated entries which received the most views and/or social media attention, with links to the versions that appeared here on infoChachkie. Are these the "best" articles I wrote last year? Not sure. However, they are undeniably the ones that had the largest appeal to a relativley broad cross-section of business and tech readers.

Top Ten Syndicated infoChachkie Entries Of 2012

The following entries generated the most pageviews outside of infoChachkie during 2012. Inc. and Forbes provide me with reports that detail pageviews, but I had to estimate the overall impact of the TechCrunch articles based on the amount of social media attention they received.

2012 Rank

Article Title


Startup Tips From College Dropouts: Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates, Dell, Ellison, Branson and Disney

Most viewed article on LinkedIn - nearly 50k views on Forbes


Startup Lessons From Olympic Innovators

> 780 social media shares - front page of TechCrunch last weekend of Olympics


Kerri Pollard Discloses Commission Junction’s Secret Weapon: Humble Confidence And A Healthy Dose Of Passionate Conviction

Top-10 Forbes article on date published


Your Startup Should Emulate The Beatles, Not A Flock Of Seagulls

> 4,000 views of accompanying video ~ 600 social media shares on Inc.


TechStar Co-Founder Brad Feld: Are We Experiencing A Startup Accelerator Bubble?

> 4,500 YouTube views - Popular on BusinessInsider and HackerNews


7 Business Mistakes Serial Entrepreneurs Never Make (Twice)

> 20,200 views on Forbes, > 2,200 views of accompanying video


23 Startup Tips From Oprah Winfrey

> 17,300 views on Forbes


YouTubers Come Of Age – Google Scores A Solid Return On Its Video Development Fund

> 780 social media shares on TechCrunch


Celebrities With The Most (Allegedly) Fake Twitter Followers

> 14,200 views on Forbes


Five Trick Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer Before Asking For Money

> 13,500 views on Forbes


2013 And Beyond

I remain extremely thankful for your readership and support. The kind words I receive in comments, Tweets and emails are highly motivational and most appreciated.

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I have some major changes planned for infoChachkie in 2013, including something that will make Mark Suster happy....

All the best in 2013 and beyond.


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John Greathouse is a Partner at Rincon Venture Partners, a venture capital firm investing in early stage, web-based businesses. Previously, John co-founded RevUpNet, a performance-based online marketing agency sold to Coull. During the prior twenty years, he held senior executive positions with several successful startups, spearheading transactions that generated more than $350 million of shareholder value, including an IPO and a multi-hundred-million-dollar acquisition.

John is a CPA and holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School. He is a member of the University of California at Santa Barbara's Faculty where he teaches several entrepreneurial courses.

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